NCS 非華語學生支援計劃

    目標 Aims:

1     提供額外支援,幫助他們學習中文:提供課後中文學習支援及課後活動,以   鞏固他們在中   文課堂的學習

      Providing additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese:       providing after-   school support programmes in learning Chinese and after-school       activities to consolidate what NCS        students have learnt during the Chinese Language     lessons.

²  提供測考前課後支援 Providing after-school supporting programmes in Chinese learning

²  提供報考國際普通教育文憑試(GCE)中國語文科支援 Providing support for the application of the General Certificate of Education (GCE)


2     加強與非華語學生家長的溝 Strengthening the communication with NCS families.


3     舉辨推廣共融校的活動 Organising Cultural Integration Activities

²  舉辦文化活動以幫助非華語學生建立對學校的歸屬感及加強他們的社交技巧 organizing cultural activities to help NCS students build up their sense of belonging to the school and strengthen their social skills.

二、成員Group members:

²  統籌Coordinator黎詠嫻老師 Ms Lai Wing Han

²  組員Members黃家鏘老師Mr Wong Ka Cheong




Education Support Provided for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Student(s) School Support Summary for the 202021 School Year.docx